Production facilities are places where money is created, but also lost. The flow of information in real time should enable proactive problem avoidance and correction of possible discrepancies, when and where possible.

We are mechanical, electrical and computer science engineers, economic experts in collaboration with graphic designers. We understand how expensive are the problems you face, how big are the challenges that surround you and how important are the goals you aspire to.

We have successfully implemented more than 60 projects in small and medium-sized companies of different branches of manufacturing. Our greatest responsibility is to ensure that every client produces more efficiently than its competitors.


Our clients consider us a competitive advantage and do not want solutions that are used in their business to be shared with their competitors. Upon request, we can seek consent from our client to provide a tour of related industries.


If you have knowledge and skills that can contribute to us to be even better at what we do, make a brief request accompanied by the usual CV form to email address

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