About Pauk

Pauk is a system of smart production management in real time directly linked to the warehouse and raw materials intended primarily for small and medium businesses.

Classic ERP (Resource Management) systems are complex, comprehensive and focus on collection of financial data.

A system that combines information, ideas and technology enables maximum visibility and control of entire production in real time, at any time, wherever you are.


Price affordability, fast and easy implementation, measurable results and ease of use of our system are the reasons why it is suitable for small businesses with only a dozen employees.

If necessary, with database access, Pauk is very easy to integrate with existing software within the company.

Depending on the size of the company, requirements and scope of work, implementation itself takes an average of 30-60 days.

Upon completion of implementation, our engineers perform training professionally and skillfully and during the use of the system are available 24/7 for all adjustments, advice and technical support.

Data protection

Special attention is paid to safety and protection of your data from manipulation, loss, destruction, access by unauthorized persons or unauthorized disclosure.

Pauk is accessed via a standard web browser from a computer, tablet or mobile device with an authorized password / RFID card with which each employee is authorised to work in the system.

Pauk is a software that your employees will love for ease of data entry and ease of search.


In real time, via email or SMS it informs employees about the state of production, execution of work orders and alarm conditions - phenomena of failure or excessive deviation in energy consumption by machines, production lines, factories and others.

The most important parts of Pauk are powerful analytical tools that generate purchasing reports, sales and production reports (realization of plans of production per shift, facility, sector, etc ; realized comparisons and calculated rates of work orders and products; spent material and working hours according to the norms for each circuit, product or work order reports for each employee; execution of work orders by deadline; uptime and capacity).

Why Pauk

The combination of rich work experience in the industry and expertise in the development of systems based on new technologies formed a powerful system for production execution, covering the key aspects of operational efficiency of production processes that are depended on by each manufacturer.